If I had a nickel for ever complaint I have heard…

My fortune would probably rival that of Bill Gates. No joke. That is how pervasive the ritual of complaining is in our society. Why do I say ritual? Because people approach the Art of Complaining (there should be a class offered in colleges) with passion and religious fervor. They indulge in this ritual endlessly and carry it out with boundless dillegence.

Typical complaints include the weather (I can’t help if its cloudy!), “stress” (OK, so learn to manage your time better), negative body image, (I offer to train friends for free, after all I’m a trainer, but I’ve lost several friends this way ), and lack of love life (TMI, TMI, and did I mention TMI).

Rather than wasting your time, and for the love of God mine,

Get up off that thang,

and do something about your life!!!


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