Detox Diary Cotinued

It looks like I have one more dry fast day to go through tomorrow and then I’m done with my 6 day schedule (3 days dry fast, 3 days fruits and vegies). Today was a fruit and veggie day and I gorged on raspberries like there’s no tomorrow (or at least there’s no raspberries in my tomorrow lol)

I spent most of the balmy day walking in the woods, doing pilates, and jotting down random musings and poetry. I wonder if any of it will ever be good enough to be published. I guess time will tell.
Later on in the day I sat in the sauna for 70 minutes, did a honey and sugar scrub, and basically read the latest in health news on various organic blogs.
A fairly boring day but nonetheless I realized a most important fact from listening to Torsunov’s lectures (he’s an Ayurvedic naturopath)…It doesn’t matter what we do, what we accomplish, what kind of job we have as long as the aim of our life is to help others. I guess God isn’t much into competition, so there’s no need for keeping up with the Joneses or the Kardashians for that matter…


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