Would you do this?

I’ve done many things in the past several months to improve my health including

  • giving up sugar (except fruit and honey)
  • exercising min 60 min/day
  • hair masks
  • face masks
  • switching my already healthy sea salt for healthier himalayn salt
  • chanting
  • praying
  • daily yoga sessions (30 min)
  • many more…

Maybe you’ve done this as well. But have you tried leech therapy? Little bloodthirsty leeches are a miracle in the detox world. They help clean our blood from toxins and help to improve our blood flow which in turn improves our general health. Today I got 5 put on my back at the health center I am staying at. Its a bit uncomfortable (and painful!) at first but well worth it. Its not my first time either, I’ve been doing this since May. I recommend it to anyone interested.


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