Skin and Bones and Detox Woes

This is a post about vanity…Something I don’t like to focus on but have to rant once in a while. Im 5’9.5 and currently weigh around 107 lbs which is kind of super skinny. I’m usually around 112-115 due to a really high metabolism. Yes, I’ve modeled but never really killed myself to get a super skinny body. Its in my genes. Now, however, I’ve been detoxing and avoiding all fatty foods to kill my pesky candida and have lost some weight to boot…which makes me upset because my friends call me “anorexic” jokingly of course because they see me eat…but nevertheless it bothers me. I’ve been trying to eat more protein and healthy carbs but so far to no avail.


Bfast: Indian Chai, cottage cheese, grapes, oatmeal cookie (organic, baked myself)

Lunch: Potatoes, Beet and Apple salad with lemon and pine oil, 2 oatmeal cookies

: Indian chai with rasperry jam (homemade)

Dinner: Lentils with spices, salad from lunch, raw whey protein smoothie with veggies and greens, hazelnuts

Maybe I’m not eating enough. I’m eating pretty good portions but I avoid snacking because it messes up my digestion which is problematic to begin with. I eat a primarily Ayurveda diet based on my dosha vata. According to the Genotype Diet, I’m blood type A and am a Warrior so I follow that as well.

Ideally, this is what I want to look like, a bit curvier than I am now:

The beautiful Erin Heatherton from VS.

Read more about her health outlook here:


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