Mountain Mornings

It’s another glorious mountain morning. I awoke at 5 am, had an Indian chai, packed a bfast of cottage cheese, grapes, raspberries and an oatmeal cookie (organic homemade bien sur)  and then went off towards my destination: The Botanical Gardens where I do my daily morning workout (today a combination of power walking, yoga, and Pilates)

It was somewhere in the 40s since I was out quite early. Even though it’s the middle of August, it’s already getting cold in Siberia. Never did I think I would trade my cozy life in the States for the rustic mountains of Siberia. But here I am, getting back to my heritage, my people, and my countryside.
I snapped some photos to show you the breathtaking views.

(for some reason I’m not able to attach them right now but more on that later)

I’m happy to report that I’ve been really good on the post, avoiding all meat, fish, sweets, etc…but eating the occasional egg once in a while (but only because my health kind of depends on it right now)

Also, this morning I chanted a Russian prayer for about 40 minutes after my workout.




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