5 AM chanting, poetry, and rambling


Ever have one of those days where you’re stuck in a mountain lodge in the middle of Siberia and 10 tourists move into the rooms upstairs at 2 AM, with cigarettes, vodka, and screaming kids in tow? Yep, yesterday was one of those days…Of course I grudgingly got up to do my chanting at 5 (on a rock in the middle of an icy river…fun) and then proceeded to do a 75 min yoga/pilates/boxing w/out…The only thing that got me through it was Indian chai. I ate a bfast of full fat cottage cheese with pumpkin oil and baked apples with cinnamon. Yummy. After making a fish and veggie soup for lunch, I will be off to my last massage this month at my health camp. And then I’m set to translate for the Spanish botanists…

So the outcome of last night’s shenanigans was a poem. I usually try to write one everyday but am kind of nervous about posting it because…well…maybe you’ll think it sucks. But like Ajaan Lee (my favorite Thai monk) always says, “To heck with it”

“Homecoming” -Dedicated to J




It’s one

I’m still awake

I yearn for fun

For the beginning

Of the end

For your caress

I want to inhabit the land

Of the joyous sun

To return to nature

I breathe surrender

I am done

With lies

With daze

Which seeped out of my pores

With the long days

Forever mores

Of greed

Of empty promises

Of silly carousel rides

I’m sick of it

Of picking sides

Of likes and


Long discourses

Of the foul smell of

All their corpses

Destination is


They misunderstand

Because the truth is lost

In Translation

I travel inwards

Seek the fruit within

It’s sweet and succulent

I’ve lost friends but

In you found kin

Ship that I’m sailing with

Lapping the water

Cool, fresh, and


Much like your eyes in which

I guess the endless



To you my truth

My fondness for

The youth of

Bygone days

Heroic yesterdays

Of rich ripe


Of the bright colors

Past doth wear

We travel the same roads

That lead beyond that which is real

Reality is meaningless

In scope to what I feel

When I search for the beauty of your face

When I encounter the truth in your embrace

Destiny is finally revealed

We trod the many paths

Grasped beauty they could never steal

I sought you out

I loved you more than time could tell

I promised kingdoms

castles in the sky

But who knew to be born

We had to die?

To sacrifice ourselves again

And join eternity through pain?


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