Power Walking Siberian Style

There’s no power walking like hoofing it in Siberia. Why? Because it is already ridiculously cold, dipping into the 30s at 9 pm as I made my way home to my cabin tonight. Hiking the trails in the cold and the dark will certainly get you toned…

Anyways, mountain life is not always as idyllic as one assumes. Maybe it is if you have your own land and cabin, but if you live in a small resort like me  (because you were unable to find separate housing), you might be waking up to the sound of children crying or the smell of barbecue when you are dry fasting.

Here’s a bit of a rant. The granddaughter of the woman who owns the lodge, A, is almost 3 and has incontinence problems. Unfortunately, they feed A all sorts of crap and don’t make an effort to pay her attention and I feel that she’s suffering psychologically. Today, when I was at my health camp, I asked my naturopath for advice on what to do if a child has constant incontinence (like going #2 several times a day) and he said that detox and healthy eating at proper times are the only ways to go about this. When I told the grandmother this she simply scoffed at me and said that it will only go away with time. Basically I told her that they should take care of A better and maybe A isn’t my daughter but I certainly care way more about her than they do ( it seems that I’m the only one who plays with her and feeds her healthy meals like kasha, fruit, and nuts). They give her candy and pancakes to shut her up every time she cries. What sort of irresponsible parenting is this?

Anyways…Enough of that. Sorry to blab on about nothing but I have to let it out somewhere. I’m used to having my own room, office, BR, a nice big house and now I’m in a small room in a cabin in the middle of Siberia and it’s cold in August so there’s a lot to deal with. But I came here to get healthy and that is what I’m doing.

To recap today…I woke up around 7 (way later than my usual 5 because my genius alarm didn’t go off), did an hour of yoga/pilates w/band, ate a bfast of millet, baked apples, and Indian chai, and was on my way to massage and leech therapy. I had a 1 hr long massage and got leeches put on my neck and liver. Most people think leeches are gross but they have helped my back and neck so much that they are like my dearest friends lol. My naturapath S.Iv. does this therapy where he pieces the skin with a needle to get a drop of blood and puts the leech on there. This is very effective for breaking the muscle knots and relaxing them and healing the structure of the muscle. I’ve done everything from massages to chiropractors to physical therapy and nothing has come close to the leech treatment. I am eternally grateful.

After eating a lunch of lentils with veggies and potato and zucchini patties (AKA draniki) I made my way home. I then hiked up a mountain to do some chanting and relaxation after which I read some Buddhist sutras, ate a dinner of buckwheat and baked apples (in case you didn’t notice I love baked apples), a good amount of 85% dark chocolate, drank a green protein smoothie, and headed toward the Botanical Gardens. There I hung out with one of my new besties, S, who introduced me to a group of Espagnol botanists who are studying Siberian pines and have been in Russia for 2 weeks. Apparently their translator did a disappearing act and I am to be their translator for the next week. Sounds like a fun gig. Their English is quite good, and they are an interesting bunch. I had no idea how many interesting people there can be found in a small Siberian town. Everyone from business people to retirees to scholars to millionaires have built a nest here. I’ve met a man who is traveling the world by bike, land developers, naturopaths, botanists, alpinists, professional fishermen… The world is a small place indeed. Sometimes, when you intend to run away from it all, you end up exactly where you need to be.



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