Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda

It’s the study of life. Those familiar with yoga are probably familiar with the Vedas, which are books dating back 5 to 6 thousand years. Recently I’ve been listening to Oleg Torsunov’s lectures on this subject (he is a famous Russian naturopath). You can google him and find English translations of some of his lectures and books. From his lectures I learned to structure my days and eating the Ayurveda way. This means getting up at 5 am, eating at 8 am,1 pm, and 6 pm, no later. A lot of importance is placed on eating for your dosha; mine happens to be vata, which tends to be nervous, energetic, and flighty. Vatas tend to be often cold, thin, and quick thinkers. I do saunas after which I lather myself with warm pine oil (oil self massage is another trademark of Ayurveda.) Ayurveda is a proponent of vegetarianism and although I am not vegetarian, I eat meat very rarely, once a week at most. Limiting your meat intake can have marvelous effects on your health. However, it is important to supplement your diet with other protein sources such as raw dairy, raw whey protein, lentils/beans, and plenty of vegetables (if you can’t eat them raw, steaming is the best cooking method to preserve all the nutrients.)

A sample of my day:

5 am wake up, shower (according to Ayurveda it is good to “shower” or pour water on yourself several times a day to cleanse your energy field), lather body with ghee (I have dry skin)

5:30 to 7:00 : 15 min yoga every day. 1 hr jogging or Pilates (alternate days)

7-7:30 chanting Orthodox prayers

8: Bfast- Indian chai, cottage cheese with pumpkin oil, baked apples with cinnamon

Plenty of herbal teas throughout day

Quick shower before lunch

1: Lunch- brown rice with veggies (w/ ghee), sometimes with fish or an egg

6: Dinner-Protein smoothie (raw whey protein, greens, veggies, black pepper w/Himalayan salt to taste, 1tbsp raw sour cream). Green smoothies are an everyday thing. I only eat Himalayan salt, the normal white salt is very toxic. Buckwheat w/ ghee, Indian chai.

9:30 Bedtime (early but not too early if you have to get up at 5!)

I also try to juice fruits, veggies everyday. My fave: carrots, apples, beets, and ginger or Russian black radish. It has a great kick.

If I am craving something sweet, I love 90% raw, dark chocolate or dried apricots or white raisins. I’m also a fan of oatmeal cookies with nuts and dried fruit which I love to bake. One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking to get healthy is to eat as organic, unprocessed as possible, and to cook all the food yourself (thinking thoughts of health of course). According to Ayurveda, it is paramount to eat when you’re in a good mood in a quiet, pleasant place.

Ayurveda also stresses that you should eat a breakfast that is primarily sweet (use honey), lunch should have all six flavors with plenty of spices, and dinner should be neutral.


I also take several supplements every day:

  • fish oil (Barleans is great, I take 4-5 everyday)
  • kelp (Nature’s way)
  • COQ 10 (365)
  • apple pectin (Nature’s way)
  • taurine
  • milk thistle (for a certain period of time to cleanse liver)
  • 1 tbsp. pine oil (add to food)
  • black sesame seeds (from time to time)
  • 8 oz. raw whey protein (liquid form, put into green smoothie)
  • bee propolis ( 1 tsp.)
  • acai berry when possible (get it freeze dried if you cant get fresh)
  • 2-3 tbsp. raw Siberian honey
  • 1 tbsp. “secorious” not sure what it is in English, 1 tbsp. cocoa, .5 tsp ginger (my version of Indian chai) w honey & raw cream to taste
  • ghee (which I put into food instead of butter, its way healthier)
  • 85-100% raw dark chocolate, several times a week
  • I also use various spices in my chai and food like cardamom, nutmeg, fennel, asafetida, etc.
  • great things to try: chuga, maca, garuana powders (have great antioxidant, medicinal properties)
  • I also take zinc and a B complex from time to time
  • bacteria for proper digestion (everyday, this is a biggie)


What I stay away from:

  • white sugar (honey and fruits are allowed)
  • white salt (substitute Himalayan)
  • wheat (I’m allergic)…rye is healthier anyways. Go for whole grains.
  • processed, not organic food
  • fast food, soda
  • alcohol, caffeine, any and all chemicals (pain relievers, body products) Everything is herbal, organic
  • pasteurized dairy (I’m not sure why the western world is so fond of pasteurization. People have drank raw milk for thousands of years. I’ve been drinking raw all my life and will always be a proponent of it)


In Search of OM

Beauty the Ayurveda Way




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