Today’s Body Inspiration

Candice Swanepoel Is Back in a Bikini   Gallery | candice swanepoel

The beautiful Candice Swanepoel

Q: Why are you so fit?

A: Because it’s my job to be, I suppose. But I love feeling fit and strong and healthy. Life is better for me that way.

Q: What is your favorite cardiovascular exercise?

A: Jumping rope. I just started and I’m hooked.

Q: [Do you prefer to do] VS runway show or VS photoshoots??

A: Shoots are more relaxed and I get to hang with the crew. I love the show but it’s nerve racking.

Q: What would you be if you didn’t model?

A: A vet or a makeup artist or a pre school teacher, ballet dancer, designer. I have lots of dreams 🙂

Q: I tried to starve myself, but it didn’t help 😦 what to eat to lose my extra weight?

A: That will make matters worse. Don’t do that. Eat as healthy as you can, lots of greens. But listen to your body and your cravings.

Q: Do you practice yoga?

A: Yes. When I’m too tired to box. It’s good to stay flexible and learn to keep your mind quiet.

Q: How do you look after your body?

A: Natural products, loads of exercise and veggies. Protein. Your body is a machine. Learn the right way to take care of it.


Check out this video to get super toning secrets from Candice!


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