On to higher places…

I moved today…finally! Out of my hell hole, ok so I’m prone to exagerration…but basically I moved to a smaller cabin in a much more peaceful place that is much cheaper. Win-win, except that I have no idea where to put all the crap/stuff I have accumulated these past 3 months.

I feel so peaceful…so unattached and free. Tomorrow I will go deeper into the mountains for about 2 weeks before resuming my massages, leech therapy etc. in September. Summer is coming to an end in Siberia but a new season is starting in my life, one of renewal, one of strength, and one of hope. Strange, but good things are happening around me. Often I just think of something and then it happens. It seems magical, yet overwhelming. Somewhere deep within us ancient powers have taken root thousands, millions of years ago. Maybe now it is time for them to manifest. It is 2012…Something’s bound to happen, right?


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