Sacred Mornings

Every morning at 5 am I pray, loudly. Rather, I chant Russian Orthodox prayers in the name of Jesus. Then I jump into an ice cold mountain river to cleanse myself of sins, a ROC ritual dating back thousands of years. I pray before each meal and thank God for the bounty he has given me when so many people are starving in the world. I am truly grateful. Lately, I feel as I am becoming more religious, people around me are not so happy about this fact. Some scoff, others make derisive remarks, some just roll their eyes and look at me as if I’m insane. It’s very sad that loving God makes one out to have a mental defect in the Western world. Getting up at 5 am, chanting, and running up the mountains makes me twice as crazy. Well, if this is insanity, then I fully embrace it and hope that it is contagious! 😉 Because I feel truly marvelous.



2 thoughts on “Sacred Mornings

  1. it sounds very deep and fulfilling. And it also sounds like very determined–to be able to take a cold bath and wake up at 5 am… that doesn’t sound very easy, but ease is not of priority when one is feeling spiritual.

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