Thoughts of Summer

Today at 7 am, as I and a Spanish botanist drank tea together, she looked longingly outside the window, where a cold winter like day is brewing, and said, “So, summer’s really over in Siberia?”. “Yep,” I replied. Summer is ending and with winter come less opportunities to eat healthy in Siberia.

This is why I supplement.

Here is a list of new supplements I want to try this winter:

  • zeolite
  • norweigien fish oil (pharma grade)-have taken in past
  • maca, goldenberries, acai powders from Navitas (they are awesome)
  • noni juice
  • chlorella-have taken in past
  • Vit B complex -have taken in past

Get inspired to be healthy by David Wolfe.

Visit to learn more.

Eat well to look like this next summer! 😉 (which in Siberia is in 9 months)



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