If Romney wins 2012, I’m moving to Europe (err…the Western part that is)

Remember when some people promised to move to Canada is Bush won a second term? Unfortunately, I was too young to move then…but if Romney wins 2012, then I’m definitely moving to Europe, the EU that is. Nope, not coming back to the USA. Obesitiy rates are climbing and the Repubs are taking over…not an ideal place to live for a skinny liberal. 😉 But seriously, I’ve been considering moving to Europe or Scandinavia to go to a naturapathy school. Why not? Preferably a French speaking country so I can finally conquer le francais. Well, Romney will make that decision for me I guess.


This political hogwash almost made me forget to post my health diary (damn that article on Ryan on yahoo…grr)

Wout-1 hr power walk, 20 min yoga, 30 min pilates

Bfast-raw cottage cheese w/ sea buckthorn berries, bowl of pureed apples, 10 apricot kernels (b17!), raw honey w/herbal tea, lots of “ezjevika” jam-its kind of like strawberry but wild and smaller-made w/raw honey of course. utterly delicious, could not stop eating it.

Lunch-veggies w/potatoes and a bit of wild goat (eat meat very rarely but if i do i make sure its wild and organic), probably like 3-4 cups of raspberries. and “ezjevika jam” and “chuga jam”-yes, there’s such a thing…my meals are quite interesting in siberia, herbal tea of course

Snack-herbal tea w/various honey jams, and lots of aronia berries yum

Dinner-same veggies & wild goat as for lunch, 2 corn on cobs, herbal tea, various berries…


words imitating life

it’s getting cold

you’re funny

we walk among the gardens

so splendid in their glory

autumnal bliss

you talk a mile a minute

about everything

and nothing

and where the two converge

so what?

we’re strangers

in this life

but what of the past?

i guess it didn’t last

you beguile me

interesting explorer

why did you come?

there was a reason

hard to believe

there isn’t one

i don’t believe you

it’s raining

somber silence

you drive off

in your car

to foreign lands

to be traversed without me

with her instead

i’m fine with it

we’re only friends

this is how it begins

and always how it ends


It’s one of those dreary days where one can’t find even a shred of interesting info to relay to others. Expect a stone silence until next june…

Health Diary:

W/out-80 min yoga/strength combo

Bfast-herbal tea w/lemon and honey, power shake (RWP, raw creamer, otrubi, banana, aronia berries), bee propolis, 10 apricot kernels (b17)

Lunch-bowl of corn meal w/assorted veggies (w/ghee), 1 corn on the cob, 2 dried apricots, herbal tea w/lime, cheese



3 year melody

remember that night?


so soft among the darkness

i had some wine

ok too much

it was just that one time

why does it have to be such

a powerful memory

3 year melody

set against the entropy

that is my life

we walked the night

without a thought

of how one life can end

and another can begin

you walked out of my life

ok…so it was me

who took off with such glee

towards landscapes

still unexplored

that now remain abhorred

within the plateaus of my brain

silly memories

high heels

and miniskirts

i danced

and did my thing

why did it have to hurt?

why did they take the very best

of me…

and what could have been

if we had really began

that warm june

when i said goodbye

to all i knew

and all i’ve seen

i was so young

ok…so foolish



beauty queen

wanna be

and even if i was

i know you thought  i was too…

too something…

much too good for you

but now i know it wasn’t


this 3 year melody

sings its aching tune

if only that warm june

had turned into something

other than what it was….

if only you had chosen

the fight

and had not been so beguiled

by the night

and the youthful vanity

that it could bring

i want you to rewind



the last 3 years of my life

let’s get back to that june

and start anew


seasons change

you remain the same

you came today

and took me away

from the bitterness

patters of shame

make me into a mandala

see all my colors diverge

into different directions



always flowing

sometimes sane

strangeness is beauty

or is beauty strange

when i analyze life too much

feels like a nail in my brain

deeply embedded

a lobotomy can’t shake

the way that i think

the clarity of the rain



and innocent

visions of purity

the way that i think

the words that i seek

to explain

my existence

its on the border of


and nothing

the middle of


or the start of



im longing to see you

im longing to love you

im longing to be you

to melt into your soft skin

a depthless surrender

make me into a cistern

i dont have it in me to hold you

i overflow into your regions

we flow so


like the songs of a cello

you came today

didn’t you?

or is your presence imagined?

i hear your ghostly whispers

you’re the air that surrounds me

i breathe you in

hold you in


you linger

and disappear

into the shadows

i need you close to me

i need your light

in order to see

past the


and the disease

that overtakes


and makes everyone

of us



and quite blind.



health diary:

i wake up today. 5:45. it’s freezing and quite dark. a run and a pilates workout later, i feel myself burst into the joy that i long to feel. so hungry for breakfast, i drink green tea w/honey, eat 2 pieces of “zapekanky” which is kind of like a cottage cheese pie, and a 16 oz protein shake (raw whole milk, RWP, raspberries, wild sea buckthorn berries, banana). yum. have 3 english lessons today. and it’s the closing of the botanical gardens. we’re having a party of sorts. thank god i finally have some nice clothes brought from the city…much love.

making a move in the right direction

My cabin is getting to the point where it will be livable soon…fingers crossed. It’s quite tiring to live amongst other people who don’t share your perspective on life. I feel like an outsider but I think it’s much more important to stand your ground than give in to people. Yet I know they begrudge me my determination to remain as I am. Regardless, the world keeps spinning.

Health Diary.

W/out-30 min power walk, 60 min strength training w/my 4 pounders and bands

Bfast-herbal tea w/honey, raw cottage cheese w/ 1tbsp. pumpkin seed oil, some honey, and lots of aronia berries, 10 apricot seeds (B17!), and some sunflower seeds

Snack-cup of aronia compote, herbal tea w/ginger root, dried apricots

Lunch-soup w/fish, greens, veggies, and wild rice. side of white beans

Dinner-to be had, same soup w/RWP smoothie w/greens, side of wild sea buckthorn berries

Stay healthy!!

To be built when I make that million (or two) 😉

one of those siberian mornings

Wake up time

1 am

I down some cowberries

I.K’s snoring numbs my brain

Wake up time 5 am

Pitch dark

I’m ache to pound the streets

why so early?

you’re kidding

it’s effing late

pilates, asanas, don’t sweat it.

morning melodies await

running clears my brain

makes me feel sane (sometimes) ha

Eyes closed, ears open.

Green day blasts it’s tune.

It feels like one of those siberian mornings.

ya know what I mean?

Of course you do.

As if you have a clue.

No one in sight.

Some cows maybe.

god knows i seek the light

but escape into the darkness

of the night

A dog-wolf bares his teeth

Fine, take a bite then

c’mon, please

Im so unfazed.


or  jaded?

Unfazed by “shocking” comments.

make my day

I’ve heard it all.

Hell, done it all

Most likely

So I just nod and smile my crooked smile.

Much like Lisbeth does.

I down a protein shake, maybe two.

Who knows.

I am an odd one.

Cooking adventures.

Another fail.

The sphere of domesticity,

does not apply to me it seems.

I  warned you

I’m no Stepford wife.

Technology awakes

I do my thing

But she misses her lesson

Thanks for nothing A

And now I’m starving

Yep, starvation

It’s quite funny to be skinny

and chowing down like

its my job

Another epic fail

or simply fate?

Sophistication stuck

in a simple life.


Sometimes I just want to be admired

But I’m too jaded for your smiles.

And frankly

Effing tired.

small town girl in a city world

I’m back in the city, hitting the markets, scouring for berries, and hanging out with some pals. 🙂 Life couldn’t be better. Ok, so it could be warmer. It is literally freezing outside (or at least it was in the morning)…Lucky for me, I bought 5 liters of aronia berries and 6 liters of wild sea buckthorn berries. I’m totally obsessed with berries lately, probably on my way to becoming a glutton lol.

Health Diary

-45 min jog

bfast-bowl of cowberries, cup of baked apples, granola square, literally a cup of aronia jam (way too much sugar but I’m addicted to aronias), 2 cups of herbal tea

lunch-black tea, boiled egg, veggie salad (beets, potatoes, cucumbers), lots of wild sea buckthorn berries, several handfuls of dried aronia berries, 2 chocolate wafles…

that’s it so far. 🙂

Bittersweet Endings…

Today was the last day of my health camp… While I’m glad to take a break from the painful massages and leech therapy for a while, it is sad to see everyone return to their cities. Where will life lead me now? I said goodbye and thank you to my wonderful naturapath who literally saved my life…Every day I am grateful to be alive and to breathe, to be around great people and to experience whatever new adventures life throws my ways. I’m writing this as I’m listening to Russian folk music. It is peaceful and soothing…Life is good. Life is health. Life is God. And I love life.

Health Diary:

-80 min jog, pilates, weights combo


-cowberries, jam, green tea w/honey, baked apples, granola squares (home made)


-millet and veggies w/ghee, hot cocoa, RWP


-lots and lots of raspberries Yum :), herbal tea w/honey


-lentil soup w/potatoes, apple crisp cake (home made, organic, yummy 🙂


I teach English, but want to learn how to live…

with my eyes wide open

and my heart pure and radiant

a joyful life

free of pain

and full of opportunities


Today I went for my massage therapy and had a honey massage. I did two English lessons on skype, one for an hour and another for 1.5 hrs and am quite exhausted. Earlier I did a 40 min jog and plan to do some Pilates soon. I have 4 students in total now. Yay me! Never in my life did I think I would be in Siberia, wearing 10 sweaters and teaching Russians English. You never know where life will lead you…

Health Diary:

bfast-fruit compote, raw cottage cheese w/grapes, 2 cups hot cocoa w/honey

snack-fruit compote, homemade granola squares w/oatmeal and dried fruit

lunch-soup (fish, veggies, millet, and greens), cup of pureed apples, granola square, green tea

dinner-cup of RWP, soup from lunch, corn on cob, pureed apples

the siberian life continues…

Today was pretty good I guess, considering I underwent leech therapy (5 suckers for a whole hour on my liver), and am bandaged up and bleeding. But it does give you a weird high, I’m startled to say. Aside from that, I baked a ton of granola from whole oats and nuts, and oatmeal cookies w/dates. Yummy but healthy. I’m trying to stay away from sugar and substitute it with dried fruit. Dried apricots are the best.

Here’s my health diary for the day:

W/out-35 min jog, 30 min total body w/out w/weights

bfast-bowl of whole fat raw organic cottage cheese w/lots of cowberries, hot cocoa, pureed apples

lunch-apple compote, oatmeal “curry” w/Indian spices, baked veggies

dinner-lightly fried potatoes on ghee, same baked veggies from lunch, cup of RWP, handful of grapes, large piece of apple crumble pie (yummy but somewhat healthy:)

That about wraps it up.

I’ve got students to teach.

rainy day in siberia…

What in the world is there to write about during a dreary, cold, Siberian day?

I took the time out to do about 80 min of boxing/pilates/yoga this morning, followed by a yummy protein shake (banana, raspberries, cowberries, kefir, flaxmeal) and some pureed apples.

It’s nearing lunch time and the weather is not better. Time for a yummy hot cocoa made w/raw milk and raw honey. Yum! 🙂

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