Dry Fast Diary

Today is my dry fast day. I do one every week to detox. I started it last night at 8 pm and plan to end it at 8 am tomorrow morning. So far I’m doing fine. I slept in until 9:45 (I always sleep in on dry fast days, makes the day go by much faster :). I went for a walk and went tanning by the river. Yes, its actually around 75 F outside. Who would have thought that summer isnt over in Siberia? I’m only slightly hungry and thirsty and a bit tired but so far so good. Usually 36 hr fasts are quite easy for me. Once past the 50 hr mark, thats when things go a bit downhill…More on that later.


Since I found this on google images, I can’t be the only one out there fasting, right??


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