you remind me of someone

maybe of myself

i see myself in you

reflected over memories of the past

you roam in my subconcious

you simply make me smile

an old flame

former aquiantance

i met you in another life

another time

a different dimension

we travelled many paths

it seems

i felt it so tonight as

we drank tea

and discussed smoking


or mushrooms



you know its not my thing

and you are fine

with it

you seem so youthful

and i


we talk and joke

im staying here this winter

somber siberia

you promise to visit

to ski the mountains

traverse the slopes

i dreamt of you

and told you so

and you foretold

my dreams

the beginning

and the end

of all the things

we know,

my friend

the only


looming the


is a silly girl

skinny, dark haired

so much makeup

that i knew i didnt

like her

even before you told me

that she was your wife


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