her life was saved by rock and roll

so its 9ish and im listening to rock & roll by the velvet underground despite the fact that my internet connection is awful and youtube keeps freezing up on me…god i love lou reed so much. i feel like i was there in the 60s, 70s, and since i believe in reincarnation, is it so impossible to ponder this?

today i woke up to a glorious sun, ran and did ashtanga, followed by a yummy bfast of homemade granola, raw full fat cottage cheese, and cowberries…

as i ate my bfast i talked with A who told me of various problems villagers in Siberia face-loss of land, financial difficulties, alcoholism, various health problems…this deeply saddened me

i want to help but am at a loss of how to do so. it seems that some people refuse to live with their eyes open…and i will never be able to see for the blind


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