are the stars in my eyes illusions?

this post is about the future. my future. or what i envision my future to be. for the next year or so, the focus is here, in siberia, surviving, living healthy and stress free, and thriving. im in the process of figuring out how to do distance learning for my nutrition and french lang. bachelors degrees. im also teaching several students english, both face to face and on skype. thats in addition to working out 60-90 min per day, cooking all my organic meals, going for massage and leech therapy, dry fasting once per week, and traveling to various cities to see all my friends and relatives (i have tons). not exactly the quiet village life many would expect.

once i return to the land of the living, or rather the dead, zombied out city zones (im so positive lol), my plan is to try my hand at modeling (once again, i chose to forego it for college), teach pilates at some swanky studio, and work towards an N.D. degree. i want to inspire others to live a beautiful, healthy lifestyle…but sometimes a part of me doesn’t want to return to the busy, bustling city life. i need the mountains. i need the fresh air. i need peace. but if peace comes from within i should be able to attain it anywhere? right?

this is kinda off topic but my fitness inspiration of the day is the beautiful russian irina shayk (all the russian girls want to look like her lol)


2 thoughts on “are the stars in my eyes illusions?

  1. I think you are better off because you actually realize what you want and what makes you happy. It’s just sticking to it. You sound like a thoughtful person, be who you are and everything else will follow!

    I do agree very much with your statement: “if peace comes from within i should be able to attain it anywhere”

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