The Hunza Model for Longevity

ive read about the hunzas, a people residing in the mountains in northern india in several health books and decided to google them. there is a wealth of information out there on their healthy lifestyle that leads to longevity. most hunzas live to 120s, some to 130s and even 140s! but get this, they retain their physical health and mental well being into their old age. no walkers and wheelchairs for them!

this is what i gathered from several articles:

  • they eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies, with particular emphasis on the apricot and pit
  • meat is a rarity, at most once a week, but mostly for special occasions like celebrations
  • they eat 2x/day, first meal at noon
  • they wake up at 5 am
  • they work for several hours a day, farming, walking 15-20 km up mountains is a common activity
  • they practice deep breathing and meditation
  • they make chapattis, thin “bread” out of wheat, buckwheat, millet, and barley, dried by sun
  • somethimes they cook veggies, but for short time and in small amt of water
  • they eat raw cheese, milk, make ghee
  • they drink clean glacial water
  • seasonal fasting (due to lack of food)–this is key


doesn’t sound too hard, just takes work and discipline if you think about it. looks like eating predominatly raw, organic food with an emphasis on fruits and veggies, whole grains, real dairy, and little meat with plenty of physical exercise will help you maintain your health into your old age. since clean water is hard to come by, i would suggest investing in a good water ionizer. i do 36 hr weekly dry fasts and 5 day quarterly dry fasts for to maintain SUPER health. 🙂 (however, i dont advise doing dry fasts without a doctor nearby, start with juice fasts) there’s plenty of info on juice fasting/going raw here:

apricot harvest


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