I want to redefine the point of my blog to be more fitness/health oriented. I got this idea from reading online health blogs and thought, “I can do the same thing.” I want to inspire people to lead the best lives they possibly can. 🙂 In addition to my posts, I want to post a food/exercise diary of every day.


  • bfast-herbal tea w/honey, bowl of millet w/ghee, 3 oz pumpkin seeds
  • lunch-herbal tea, bowl of oatmeal, boiled egg, beet salad (grated beats w/tbsp of raw sour cream)
  • dinner-herbal tea, green power smoothie (various greens w/ 8 oz raw whey protein and a dash of Himalayan salt), bowl of lentil, veggie soup, piece of raw cheese
  • snacks-herbal tea (we’re a bit crazy about tea in Russia lol), banana, apple, 1 cup grapes, 3 caramel candies, 1 tbsp. sea buckthorn oil (more of a supplement, really good for the digestive organs and skin)
  • workout-80  min. 1.5 jog, 10 min cardio plyometrics, 10 min yoga, the rest of the time was used for Pilates type exercises w/bands (my fave), also did Facercise for about 15 min (I do it most days)

(I promise to start posting pics when I have more time)

(from google images)


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