Fast Times in Siberia

Today I went for my massage therapy which included leeches (6 on my back). Pretty painful, but I feel great and the knots in my back are definitely disappearing. I had a long talk with S. Iv. today about his book. I will translate his book on dry fasting sometime this winter. I’m so happy to have someone to look up to career wise. Naturapathy seems like such a great career direction to me…Speaking of work, I have an interview with a Moscow agency regarding teaching English on skype. Hoping it goes well, kinda need the money for my new cabin. 🙂 Besides that, everything is going great. Life is awesome and I welcome each new day…

Oh and I’ve also been researching universities to transfer to on the West Coast. Is Cali in my future?

Almost forgot to post my diet/fitness for the day.

Bfast-bowl of millet w/greens, green tea w/2 tbsp honey, 10 apricot kernels

Lunch-3 “surnichka” aka cottage cheese patties (it’s Russian food lol), salad w/beets and sour cream, 2 apples, herbal tea

Dinner (to be had)-fish w/buckwheat, some sort of salad or greens

Workout-75 min (20 min cardio plyometrics, 10 min power yoga, the rest of the time was spent on doing strength training w/the band)


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