Where is my life Heading?

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit confused, lonely, and stressed. I guess it’s because I’m “stuck” in Siberia while other people my age are “having fun” elsewhere…I don’t know for sure whether they’re having fun; I just feel sorry for myself sometimes, which is ridiculously dumb considering I have recently recovered from a serious illness and am leading a great life among awesome people. Maybe it’s just seasonal “blahs”.

Anyways, the day so far:

Workout-1 hr power walk, 30 min pilates

-green tea w/lemon & honey

Bfast-cottage cheese w/raspberries, honey, and baked apple, hot cocoa

Lunch-baked apple, herbal tea w/honey, soup w/fish, vegies, potatoes, chocolate cookie

Dinner-green smoothie w/RWP, flaxmeal w/baked pumpkin (to be had)

The world keeps spinning…I have to pick myself and motivate myself towards an awesome life…Also, although I’m eating super healthy, I eat pretty large portions bc unfortunately I’ve gotten really skinny and want to be at least 115 lbs (I’m 5/9.5″)


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