the siberian life continues…

Today was pretty good I guess, considering I underwent leech therapy (5 suckers for a whole hour on my liver), and am bandaged up and bleeding. But it does give you a weird high, I’m startled to say. Aside from that, I baked a ton of granola from whole oats and nuts, and oatmeal cookies w/dates. Yummy but healthy. I’m trying to stay away from sugar and substitute it with dried fruit. Dried apricots are the best.

Here’s my health diary for the day:

W/out-35 min jog, 30 min total body w/out w/weights

bfast-bowl of whole fat raw organic cottage cheese w/lots of cowberries, hot cocoa, pureed apples

lunch-apple compote, oatmeal “curry” w/Indian spices, baked veggies

dinner-lightly fried potatoes on ghee, same baked veggies from lunch, cup of RWP, handful of grapes, large piece of apple crumble pie (yummy but somewhat healthy:)

That about wraps it up.

I’ve got students to teach.


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