I teach English, but want to learn how to live…

with my eyes wide open

and my heart pure and radiant

a joyful life

free of pain

and full of opportunities


Today I went for my massage therapy and had a honey massage. I did two English lessons on skype, one for an hour and another for 1.5 hrs and am quite exhausted. Earlier I did a 40 min jog and plan to do some Pilates soon. I have 4 students in total now. Yay me! Never in my life did I think I would be in Siberia, wearing 10 sweaters and teaching Russians English. You never know where life will lead you…

Health Diary:

bfast-fruit compote, raw cottage cheese w/grapes, 2 cups hot cocoa w/honey

snack-fruit compote, homemade granola squares w/oatmeal and dried fruit

lunch-soup (fish, veggies, millet, and greens), cup of pureed apples, granola square, green tea

dinner-cup of RWP, soup from lunch, corn on cob, pureed apples


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