Bittersweet Endings…

Today was the last day of my health camp… While I’m glad to take a break from the painful massages and leech therapy for a while, it is sad to see everyone return to their cities. Where will life lead me now? I said goodbye and thank you to my wonderful naturapath who literally saved my life…Every day I am grateful to be alive and to breathe, to be around great people and to experience whatever new adventures life throws my ways. I’m writing this as I’m listening to Russian folk music. It is peaceful and soothing…Life is good. Life is health. Life is God. And I love life.

Health Diary:

-80 min jog, pilates, weights combo


-cowberries, jam, green tea w/honey, baked apples, granola squares (home made)


-millet and veggies w/ghee, hot cocoa, RWP


-lots and lots of raspberries Yum :), herbal tea w/honey


-lentil soup w/potatoes, apple crisp cake (home made, organic, yummy 🙂



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