one of those siberian mornings

Wake up time

1 am

I down some cowberries

I.K’s snoring numbs my brain

Wake up time 5 am

Pitch dark

I’m ache to pound the streets

why so early?

you’re kidding

it’s effing late

pilates, asanas, don’t sweat it.

morning melodies await

running clears my brain

makes me feel sane (sometimes) ha

Eyes closed, ears open.

Green day blasts it’s tune.

It feels like one of those siberian mornings.

ya know what I mean?

Of course you do.

As if you have a clue.

No one in sight.

Some cows maybe.

god knows i seek the light

but escape into the darkness

of the night

A dog-wolf bares his teeth

Fine, take a bite then

c’mon, please

Im so unfazed.


or  jaded?

Unfazed by “shocking” comments.

make my day

I’ve heard it all.

Hell, done it all

Most likely

So I just nod and smile my crooked smile.

Much like Lisbeth does.

I down a protein shake, maybe two.

Who knows.

I am an odd one.

Cooking adventures.

Another fail.

The sphere of domesticity,

does not apply to me it seems.

I  warned you

I’m no Stepford wife.

Technology awakes

I do my thing

But she misses her lesson

Thanks for nothing A

And now I’m starving

Yep, starvation

It’s quite funny to be skinny

and chowing down like

its my job

Another epic fail

or simply fate?

Sophistication stuck

in a simple life.


Sometimes I just want to be admired

But I’m too jaded for your smiles.

And frankly

Effing tired.


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