making a move in the right direction

My cabin is getting to the point where it will be livable soon…fingers crossed. It’s quite tiring to live amongst other people who don’t share your perspective on life. I feel like an outsider but I think it’s much more important to stand your ground than give in to people. Yet I know they begrudge me my determination to remain as I am. Regardless, the world keeps spinning.

Health Diary.

W/out-30 min power walk, 60 min strength training w/my 4 pounders and bands

Bfast-herbal tea w/honey, raw cottage cheese w/ 1tbsp. pumpkin seed oil, some honey, and lots of aronia berries, 10 apricot seeds (B17!), and some sunflower seeds

Snack-cup of aronia compote, herbal tea w/ginger root, dried apricots

Lunch-soup w/fish, greens, veggies, and wild rice. side of white beans

Dinner-to be had, same soup w/RWP smoothie w/greens, side of wild sea buckthorn berries

Stay healthy!!

To be built when I make that million (or two) 😉


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