words imitating life

it’s getting cold

you’re funny

we walk among the gardens

so splendid in their glory

autumnal bliss

you talk a mile a minute

about everything

and nothing

and where the two converge

so what?

we’re strangers

in this life

but what of the past?

i guess it didn’t last

you beguile me

interesting explorer

why did you come?

there was a reason

hard to believe

there isn’t one

i don’t believe you

it’s raining

somber silence

you drive off

in your car

to foreign lands

to be traversed without me

with her instead

i’m fine with it

we’re only friends

this is how it begins

and always how it ends


It’s one of those dreary days where one can’t find even a shred of interesting info to relay to others. Expect a stone silence until next june…

Health Diary:

W/out-80 min yoga/strength combo

Bfast-herbal tea w/lemon and honey, power shake (RWP, raw creamer, otrubi, banana, aronia berries), bee propolis, 10 apricot kernels (b17)

Lunch-bowl of corn meal w/assorted veggies (w/ghee), 1 corn on the cob, 2 dried apricots, herbal tea w/lime, cheese



3 year melody

remember that night?


so soft among the darkness

i had some wine

ok too much

it was just that one time

why does it have to be such

a powerful memory

3 year melody

set against the entropy

that is my life

we walked the night

without a thought

of how one life can end

and another can begin

you walked out of my life

ok…so it was me

who took off with such glee

towards landscapes

still unexplored

that now remain abhorred

within the plateaus of my brain

silly memories

high heels

and miniskirts

i danced

and did my thing

why did it have to hurt?

why did they take the very best

of me…

and what could have been

if we had really began

that warm june

when i said goodbye

to all i knew

and all i’ve seen

i was so young

ok…so foolish



beauty queen

wanna be

and even if i was

i know you thought  i was too…

too something…

much too good for you

but now i know it wasn’t


this 3 year melody

sings its aching tune

if only that warm june

had turned into something

other than what it was….

if only you had chosen

the fight

and had not been so beguiled

by the night

and the youthful vanity

that it could bring

i want you to rewind



the last 3 years of my life

let’s get back to that june

and start anew



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