If Romney wins 2012, I’m moving to Europe (err…the Western part that is)

Remember when some people promised to move to Canada is Bush won a second term? Unfortunately, I was too young to move then…but if Romney wins 2012, then I’m definitely moving to Europe, the EU that is. Nope, not coming back to the USA. Obesitiy rates are climbing and the Repubs are taking over…not an ideal place to live for a skinny liberal. 😉 But seriously, I’ve been considering moving to Europe or Scandinavia to go to a naturapathy school. Why not? Preferably a French speaking country so I can finally conquer le francais. Well, Romney will make that decision for me I guess.


This political hogwash almost made me forget to post my health diary (damn that article on Ryan on yahoo…grr)

Wout-1 hr power walk, 20 min yoga, 30 min pilates

Bfast-raw cottage cheese w/ sea buckthorn berries, bowl of pureed apples, 10 apricot kernels (b17!), raw honey w/herbal tea, lots of “ezjevika” jam-its kind of like strawberry but wild and smaller-made w/raw honey of course. utterly delicious, could not stop eating it.

Lunch-veggies w/potatoes and a bit of wild goat (eat meat very rarely but if i do i make sure its wild and organic), probably like 3-4 cups of raspberries. and “ezjevika jam” and “chuga jam”-yes, there’s such a thing…my meals are quite interesting in siberia, herbal tea of course

Snack-herbal tea w/various honey jams, and lots of aronia berries yum

Dinner-same veggies & wild goat as for lunch, 2 corn on cobs, herbal tea, various berries…


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