i feel the forest godess in the mountains…

It’s one of those days when I’m up at 5:30, rushing to get a deadline done. And yes, I’ve somehow managed to get a deadline in the middle of Siberia (it’s a translation job). I did brush up on my legal lingo so that’s a plus I guess. 🙂 After sending the monster of a document, I did a 1.5 workout (boxing, strength training w/weights, yoga). I feel so much better now! I also meditated to OM TARA and practiced ujaii.

What OM TARA… means:

  • “Tara, whose name means “star” or “she who ferries across,” is a Bodhisattva of compassion who manifests in female form.”
  • “The central part of Tara’s mantra is a loving play on her name. According to Sangharakshita, a traditional explanation of the mantra is that the variations of her name represent three progressive stages of salvation.”
  • “By the time we have been liberated from mundane dangers, liberated from a narrow conception of the spiritual path, and led to a realization of compassion, we have effectively become Tara. In Buddhist practice the “deities” represent our own inner potential. We are all potentially Tara. We can all become Tara.”

taken from http://www.wildmind.org/mantras/figures/greentara (an excellent resource for Buddhism and spirituality)

–This is the mantra I’ve been listening to.

Tara, the Green Godess

Health Journal:

-bfast-herbal tea w/honey, bee propolis, 12 apricot kernels, protein shake (raw kefir, raw cottage cheese, honey, sea buckthorn berries, cranberries)

-lunch-cup of green smoothie (greens w/water), bowl of borsch, big slice of healthy zapekanka (lots greens, raw cottage cheese, kefir, corn meal), about 3 cups raspberries (so in love with them 🙂

this is it so far…


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