it’s snoop lion now

That’s if you haven’t heard yet. Snoop Dogg has appparently changed his name to Snoop Lion, for some weird reggae reason. Not sure how the world is still spinning on its axis. lol. You know you’re in Siberia when you get these life shattering news 2 months after everybody else. Anyways…I read it on HuffPost and I’m making one of my Russian students read it. Here it is:

So many curse words but I figure the kid has to start adjusting to American culture if he wants to go to college there, ya know?? 😉 Ha.

Health Diary: (so far)

Workout-50 min pilates, 15 min run, 30 min power walk

Bfast-large protein smoothie (RWP, otrubi, banana, cranberry) herbal tea w/lots of honey, piece of zapekanka

Lunch-big bowl of crock pot veggies and potatoes, corn on the cob, piece of zapekanka, herbal tea, dried apricots.

Snack-hot chocolate w/raw honey and piece of halva

Dinner-corn on cob, oatmeal w/pumpkin oil, large plate of assorted veggies, herbal tea w/honey and piece of halva

4 days sugar free and then I have a piece of halva..grr

check this article out about sugar addiction:

Snoop Dogg Obama

Stay fit y’all!!


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