It’s 5 o’clock in the morning…

Laying in bed is so boring…

So I did a 30 min power yoga routine and had a healthy bfast instead!

Lately I’ve been looking at ways to quit sugar. I’m always quitting sugar. Maybe I haven’t completely quit it yet because I’m one of those skinny girls that can eat anything and so I give myself a pass…which is awful because sugar destroys your body and is so ridiculously addictive. Yep, I got up at 2 am to drink tea with jam…Grr.. Can’t wait till my cabin is done and I’m living far away from the tempting food of other people in our communal kitchen. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t buy anything unhealthy; I just end up eating sweets at other people’s houses. So I have to make healthier friends in order to fully quit sugar, which I have in the past. I am determined. I want to be fit and healthy. I’m trying to eat 4 meals/day, all organic, lots of Raw whey protein, and strength training to finally look fit and lean, not skinny and addicted to sugar… Don’t you wish you had my problems, lol??

Practice abstinance people!! (from sugar at least 😉 : -or not, depending on your viewpoint. The eat a bit of sugar every once in a while thing doesn’t work for me so I’m trying the abstinance route:

“Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners and your cravings will go away: Go cold turkey. If you are addicted to narcotics or alcohol you can’t simply just cut down. You have to stop for you brain to reset. Eliminate refined sugars, sodas, fruit juices, and artificial sweeteners from your diet. These are all drugs that will fuel cravings.” -Dr. Mark Hyman

Great article:

-Personally, I’ve been praying more-praying for willpower and for God to help me ignore the allure of sweets. I also started carrying a piece of paper with inspirational quotes regarding quitting such as

“Your will power is stronger than sugar” and “You are better than that”

All I need now is a sponsor, right? 😉

Been sniffin donuts lately??

Stay sugar free y’all!


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