10.10.2012. Health journal:

Thought I’d better organize my posts for them to be more clear…buut I’m not one to count calories, portion sizes lol cause I’m too skinny for all that. 😉 I just write down what I eat and how long I work out to keep myself honest. And since I’m on a journey to gain a little (goal 52 kgs. I’m 176 cm) which is tough for someone so effing energetic w/a metabolism crazier than Jack Nickleson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, there’s no need to obsess anyways.
Here goes today:


-40 min morning walk

-1 hr weights/boxing combo

Food (goal is to eat 4 meals/day w/emphasis on protein)

-bfast-1/2 pomegranite, large bowl(like ginormous lol) of full fat raw cottage cheese and cowberries (brusnika) w/couple of teaspoons of honey and herbal tea (so far)

-lunch-bowl of chicken and veggie soup w/bowl of buckwheat, herbal tea w/ginger

-the in between meal: half liter protein shake w/RWP, lots of greens, 2 tbsp. raw sour cream, himalayan salts and asefotida. Herbal tea w/honey. Bowl of cowberries.

-Dinner-bowl of chicken & veggie soup, bowl of buckwheat, homemade pickled cabbage and beets, herbal tea

Note on exercise: I am a pilates instructor and am obviously obsessed with Pilates!! Usually I aim to workout out 1hr every day (mix of strength and cardio (like 70%strength/30%cardio) and 30 min of yoga/stretching. Maybe that sounds like too much/or too little, depending who you ask, but I’ve been a gym rat since age 13 so it’s def. not too much for me…As for cardio, I run and box (in Siberia, this means I just flail around and kick the air…no boxing clubs in sight lol) and for strength I do weights (4 lbs, quite easy, looking to switch to 6s or something less girl) and use bands for pilates. My favorite workouts (if I had gym access would be): running, boxing, pilates, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Ballet Barre, bosu inspired, BodyPump.

Note on food: I love food. Ok, so I love sweets. And I love bread. I love everything that everyone does. But I choose to be healthy. I’m gluten intolerant and swear that I’m allergic to sugar (if that exists)…So I eat an all organic diet with plenty of berries, greens, wholel grains like buckwheat, wild rice, millet, and whole oats, lots of raw organic dairy, and organic chicken and wild game (since I’m in Siberia there’s quite an abundance of it) and fish ocasionally.I also eat 10 apricot kernels/day (b17) and have started to do green smoothies w/Raw Whey Protein everyday as well as am switching to quail eggs from chicken eggs. I try not to eat meat more than once a week (I’m a recovering vegetarian) I say recovering because it messed me up in terms of health big time (and yes I did it the healthy way…but now believe I’m genetically engineered to eat meat since I come from a very cold climate) Nonetheless, I hate eating it and feel all morally stressed out…

I’ve been sick before. Trust me, it’s more pricey than organic food!

Any thoughts on fitness and food??


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