Every breath we take and move we make…

gets us closer to death. That sounds so depressing. But it’s true. And it doesn’t have to be depressing. There is an afterlife. Something that comes after. Heaven. Hell. Othe Dimensions. The In-between. There’s something. I believe in it…but it’s not a blind belief. Let’s just say I’m convinced of it because of some things that I’ve gone through in this life. There are no coincidences. Only karma. We can choose to believe in it or not-but our disbelief does not disprove its existence. We are forever searching, wanting, yearning…for that which we think will make us happier…a partner, a career, stability, children, (for some), others like me run around and cross the world in search of fulfilling that Void that is inherent in all of us. We become complete through God, through love…not through passion or desire to obtain and conquer, the insationable yearning to possess. You’ll never “have” anything. You will live. And you will die. Over and over again. The point is to learn something from life, not to just go through the motions. Evolution is my hope for humanity.


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