health journal 10.14.2012.

the day so far:

Exercise: 1 hr mix of stretching, strength training, and boxing, 40 min ashtanga at home (trying to get back in the flow of things 😉


meal 1: 10 apricot kernels, handful of pine nuts, protein smoothie w/raw kefir, various berries, banana, and ginger, green tea w/lemon

meal 2: big bowl of fish soup (w/veggies, greens, potatoes, buckwheat, asofotida, himalayan salt, black pepper) and side of dill w/parsley

snack 1: black tea w/raw honey

meal 3: salad w/beets, carrots, cucumbers, onion, seasoned w/raw sour cream, asofetida, and himalayan salt, and black pepper, 1 cup Raw whey protein, bowl of raw cottage cheese w/raw honey

meal 4: same fish soup from lunch time, raw cottage cheese w/berries, bowl of beet/carrot salad…green tea w/honey and strawberry jam..kind of a big dinner


morning: thank God I’m over whatever was bothering me yesterday. Yesterday was such a blah day; I did practically nothing and was quite down on myself…

evening: getting ready for a 90 min english lesson…still feeling great-thx to ashtanga! too bad they don’t have a studio here….

amen to that!


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