winter blues…

Try -45 C. That is how cold it well get in a few months in Siberia. It is already -8C here at night… I’ve never faced such a harsh winter before and want to make myself ready to brave the reality of frigid temperatures.

Here’s a great article exploring ways to beat the winter monster:

-light therapy



-deep breathing


-caffeine? (not sold on this one)


-professional help (also not sold on this one-paying someone $100/hr to complain sounds iffy to me) could spend that money on shoes for instance 😉

Read about it here:

This is a cute article, the irony is that it was written in Australia, and we all know how cold it gets there. 😉


3 thoughts on “winter blues…

  1. Haha, it can get really cold here but it’s more about the lack of sunlight. Days of overcast weather sucks! I suffer from SAD, I need to be in Queensland or Darwin!

  2. I’m already sulking that it’s got to less than 10 degrees here (in the UK). I’m not a fan of winter, I admire you – if I lived in Siberia, I’d be consuming my own body weight in shipped in chocolate, not berries and other healthy things. Thanks for the follow, I shall do the same, your life looks intriguing!

    •’s a mixture of berries and chocolate for me 🙂 Unfortunately they don’t sell the good stuff here (raw 90% organic goodness is quite hard to find)…as for my life being intriguing…it sure is in a way…living life to the fullest as a gypsy is my motto right now. 🙂

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