gene based diet?

I’m not in favor of blaming all our health woes and weight problems on faulty genetics. I do believe that we have a lot of control over health, both physical and emotional.

However, there are a lot of new studies and intriguing research on the part that genetics play in our health and how to maximize our genetic potential.

This informative article explores the idea and ethics behind eating for your genes:

Personally, I believe in intuitive eating. The cleaner your diet is, the more ability your body will have to “tell” you what it is that you need at a certain part of the day. Sometimes I’m feeling high carb and go for a bowl of millet or organic potatoes (I don’t villify potatoes like some people do lol). For dairy I always eat raw (my fave is raw cottage cheese) and when I’m craving something sweet I reach for wild berries, bananas, or dried apricots. Raw cocoa sweetened w/raw sugar takes care of the chocolate cravings.

You are what you eat. Yet maybe you eat based on who you genetically are?

This is another article to check out if you’re interesting in finding out more:,9171,1200765,00.html

As for me, I have a long history of folks coming from very cold climates in Russia (such as Siberia.) Although I had the fortune (or perhaps misfortune) of living in sunny Florida for a while, the sub tropical climate and diet wreaked havoc on my health. I find the harsh mountain Siberian climate and Siberian diet to be much more nourishing for my body.

I focus on wild berries and greens, whole grains (fav. is buckwheat), wild fish, raw dairy, lots of vegetables, and rarely wild game. Interestingly enough, raw food movements do spring up here and there in Siberia, but I do have to note that most of the people that I have met at my health camp have suffered health wise on a 100% raw vegan diet here. When it’s -45C and you’re living on green smoothies, life is rough. In the summer though, it’s great. There’s such an abundance of fresh food.

My favorites:

wild sea buckthorn berries

cowberries aka brusnika-very prized here

the aronia berry-highest antioxident content in the world

yep-trumps your acai every time 😉

buckwheat-bfast of champions 🙂

raw whey protein

always liquid, never powder

king of aminos


-Stay healthy y’all


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