health journal 10.15.2012.

Good morning everyone!! I am in glorious spirits-thanks to my ashtanga/meditation session. 🙂

Wake up time: 5:45 am

Mood: Morning -Radiant. :)) Very energetic.

Evening-still feeling quite energetic due to my walks outside.

Exercise: 40 min ashtanga flow, 45 min stair climb, jog, hill climb


meal 1: green tea w/raw honey and 3 lemon slices, 10 apricot kernels, bowl of raw cottage cheese w/cowberries & wild sea buckthorn berries and 1 tbsp. raw sour cream

snack 1: raw cocoa w/raw honey and milk

meal 2: large bowl of fish soup (greens, veggies, potatoes, buckwheat, black pepper, asofetida), bowl of beet&carrot w/potato salad, slice of raw cheese

snack 2: cucumber w/cheese, 1/2 pomegranate

meal 3: millet w/curry and tbsp. raw sour cream, beet and carrot “vinegrette”, russian black raddish and potato salad

meal 4: green tea w/raw honey, 1 cup green smoothie w/raw whey protein and kefir, bowl of salad from lunchtime, bowl of millet

Raw Dairy Inspiration:,r:0,s:0,i:66,r:17,s:0,i:117,r:1,s:20,i:132

Guess what? God intended our milk to be raw. 🙂


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