its 10.17.2012. here’s to health!

Good morning everyone…at least I am determined to make it a good morning. I stayed up way too late yesterday eating gluteny sugary stuff (ahem which I’m allergic too 😦 And woke up at 6 feeling like crap as a result. I chose to make it a good day anyway and after drinking warm water w/lemon, I unrolled my yoga mat and did 40 min of Ashtanga. And I felt fabulous afterwards!! I took a nice contrast shower and made a healthy breakfast smoothie. Here’s to health and happiness! We all have the power to turn it around. 🙂

Smile like you mean it 😉

Exercise: 40 min Ashtanga, just did a 1 hr power walk/strength combo

Lovely nutritious meals (sans le sucre j’espere! 😉

meal 1: 10 apricot kernels, power smoothie w/banana, RWP, sea buckthorn berries

meal 2: bowl of soup (veggies, potatoes, wild game), some parsley, bowl of assorted things (beet salad w/raw sour cream, assorted stir fried veggies, cup of raw cottage cheese), 1 lemon w/raw honey…kind of a big lunch but healthy and yummy 🙂

snack 1: cup of RWP w/lots of greens

meal 3: bowl of stew (veggie, potato, greens, wild game), bowl of beet salad w/raw sour cream, green tea


Morning: Ready to carpe diem!! 🙂

Afternoon: Agh…unexpected stress lurks around the corner…got to stay positive.

Evening: Things are finally looking up…sometimes life throws you curveballs, what can you do?

I’m off to do some lesson planning. Au Revoir.

A bit of motivation for those workouts:

Sara Sampaio-new VS model


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