the day is 10.23.2012.

Hi everyone…so I’m kind of stuck inside my cabin because the weather is awful and there’s no one around to hang out with :// (bumming…) but on the bright side the Internet is working (yay šŸ™‚ and I can waste countless hours on pinterest and reading the latest fitness gossip on fitsugar. Yep, it’s one of those days…

Exercise: 30 min stretch and short work, 1 1/2 hr strength w/cardio bursts (pretty much what I do every day, I do vary the exercises though)


1: 12 apricot kernels, propolis, power smothie (RWP, kefir, various berries, flaxmeal)

2: large bowl of buckwheat w/salad, 1 cup hot chocolate w/ raw honey…

3: bowl of cottage cheese w/salad and bowl of greens

4: bowl of buckwheat w/ 1 avocado. black tea w/raw honey

I’m thinking of cutting down the lactose in my diet because it’s giving me some difficulties…Ah, I do love my dairy though.

Is this my future?


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