Hello World!

Today was quite a glorious morning. I woke up to a white sky and a thick blanket of snow covering the already frozen roads outside. I took Boss (my “Siberian husky”) on a long trek through the lonely, frozen terrain. Honestly, the beauty was breathtaking and I only fell and twisted my leg once (thanks to Boss pulling me across the ice).

This is what it looked like outside (not my pic, promise to post mine later…but you get the  idea)

Thankfully, there were no near naked men like this:

See, there’s so much to be grateful for in this world :))

So my Siberian adventure continues. One of my friends pointed out to me that I’m living next door to a wolf. No really, I am. My neighbor (who is from Holland and doesn’t speak Russian) has a “pet wolf” who spends his days pacing his large and ramshackle cage outside. I’d say he’s about 50 feet from my cabin. Thanks for telling me this M!! At least now I know who’s been howling at the moon a few days ago. 😉

Well, I’m off to work (erm pinterest) and then to banya (which is kind of like a sauna on steroids). If you’ve never been, come to Russia ASAP. There’s nothing better than jumping into the snow after banya :)).

Stay warm y’all lol.


Health notes:
Exercise: 1 hr hike, 45 min strength training with light weights and bands


1: herbal tea w/lemon, propolis, power smoothie (aronia berries, baked pumpkin, raw whey protein), 10 apricot kernels

snack 1: chicory drink w/milk and ghee, 1 tsp. raw honey

2: big bowl of borsch w/wild game, side salad of Russian black raddish

3: brown rice w/ghee and curry, “vinigerette” salad

4: baked apples, vinigerette salad, some brown rice

snack 2: organic hot cocoa w/raw milk and raw honey


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