a nation of complainers

Scratch that. Make it a world of complainers. A universe. A veritable galaxy. My days used to be filled with listening to so called friends complain about their lives (this was before I said f*** it and moved to Siberia). And no, I am not complaining. I am ranting. Let’s call it gingerly explaining?? my point of view. 

You see, we are so used to focusing on what we don’t have. How many times have you heard…

-I would be so happy if I had (insert what it is you wish you had here)-

Endless excuses pour from peoples’ mouths. Excuses about bad grades, excuses about poor financial decisions, excuses about being overweight, excuses about missing deadlines….Complaints about things they can’t change and things they can. 

-It’s so gloomy outside- As in, why did you just tell me that?? Your point is??


-I don’t have time to exercise. You’re so lucky you have time.- Nope, I wake up at 5 to work out-

Then I have to listen to how a) I’m so lucky I can wake up at 5 b) I’m insane to wake up at 5 c) Not everyone has this discipline and you’re just rubbing it in d) So you think you’re better than me because you can wake up at 5. Really, take your pick.

People wonder why we are devolving. Take a look around. People everywhere are sick and only getting sicker. The world is getting fatter, meaner, more blood thirsty and power hungry. The root of it is peoples’ inability or actually lack of desire because they are quite able to take responsibility for their actions and do something about their life if they don’t like where it is heading. 

Just think about what would have happened if our ancestors complained about the weather and decided not to plant their crops hundreds of years ago? We probably wouldn’t be here today to complain about our sad lives. Life takes effort. It is the ultimate game of the survival of the fittest. Complainers are bound to die out. It’s evolution time people!

Positive Quote of the Day:


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