raw foodism-should we live it?

if you haven’t been living under a cave these past several years, or even if you have living in a cave in say, siberia, you’ve probably heard of going raw. maybe you just dont know all the specifics, but chances are you either think its a great idea or totally weird. a recent aquintance of mine, C. K. is a raw foodist for almost a year and he looks and feels great, and obviously preaches his ideas to the world wherever he goes. some think its annoying but i’ve gleaned some pretty interesting info from him. My naturapath, S.Iv., recommends going 50 % raw in his new book during the cold months, and practically raw during the warm months to detox (which in siberia is 9 months 50%, 3 months 80-90%). i kind of like his philosophy and have started eating tons of berries, greens, and some raw dairy (particularly raw organic full fat cottage cheese and whey protein)  everyday. i honestly feel a lot better, have much more energy and really stable moods with an inner calm that people have noticed lately.

you can get a lot of info on raw food here: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/popularhealthdiets/a/Raw_Food.htm

or google David Wolfe, he’s a guru in the raw food world 🙂

the Basics

  • dont cook food above 104-118 F (higher temps denature enzymes)
  • cooking destroys vitamins and nutrients
  • some ppl are vegan, others allow themselves raw dairy, or even raw eat and fish
  • soaking and sprouting is preferred to cooking
  • dehydrating foods is an option
  • blending/juicing/pickling
  • obviously, organic is preferred. no one wants to be toxified with pesticides!
  • raw food is high in alkalinity, low in acidity, which is very good for the body
  • some people who tend to be very lean or live in really cold climates (both describe me) dont typically do well on this diet (thats why i am not 100% raw)
  • if you’ve been mistreating your body for a while, expect an awful detox when you start a raw food diet
  • vegetarians and those eating a natural, organic diet have an easier time adjusting to RF

what's in a raw food diet

this sums up the raw food lifestyle (some eat raw dairy and meat)

find great info here:http://www.rawfooddietmenu.net/

Famous Raw Foodie Celebs:

Carol Alt

Demi Moore


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